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Labeled Robert Francis Plumtree I was born in 1945, grew-up in Ponsonby, Auckland New Zealand, attended Ponsonby primary school and Otahuhu Agricultural College. At a young age I played rugby football and competitively sailed a P class yacht (P77) (Sandy Mac) on the Auckland harbour.
At an early age I was employed on dairy farms near Okato in Taranaki up-until joining the NZ army as a RNZASC driver in March 1964.

Health wise after serving almost thirteen months including through the early stages of the Tet offensive as HQ transport driving about in and outside Saigon most often unarmed alone throughout my entire active service in South Vietnam. I clearly suffered war caused mental injury, which subsequently NZ Defence Force disclose they knew about and had attempted to cover up.

I became country-less in about 1977; And then roamed the globe x 3 seeking happiness.
Visited New Caledonia, New Hebrides, Solomon Islands, Bougainville, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, India, Nepal, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Demark, London and the USA.

While in Nepal I met a Tibetan refuge Tenzing who at the time was found laying sick on his Restaurant (Tsering) floor in Kathmandu. From that meeting on, I developed an interest in Tibetan culture and eventually Dalai Lamas Mahayana Buddhist teachings.                             
Later I again (x2) re-met Tenzing at Batu Busty in Darjeeling India.
By 1982 I found myself back in Australia, soon after arrival I met another Tibetan named Karma Phuntsok, together we camped on the banks of Murray River picking peaches near Cobram in Victoria.
Soon after I became the thought I should stop traveling and settle in Australia.
By karma, I again re-met Karma Phuntsok this second time in Nambour in southern Queensland.
On the Nambour ranges I grew variety "Great lake" lettuce eventually by market forces (only one dud grew Brisbane's so called fresh lettuce) which meant, (DPI required box = $1.27, I could only fit 10 chemical free lettuce per-box + freight + commission, at a time lettuce was selling for $0.10 each). Ploughed lettuce back ground, think it's called free trade, my opinion is better to utilize your impermanent human rebirth studying Dharma and any food later grown, give it way for free. If lots of folks did that, we wouldn't be continually paying for harmful chemicals.

House sat a house on the grounds of Chenrezig Institute near Eudlo Qld.
Over the next couple of years, I did my very best to comprehend the true nature of Mahayana Buddhism.
Among others I have listened to: Karma Phuntsok, Chris Burdett, Peter Horton, Tim Fischer, John Howard, Robert Hill, Warren Truss, Peter Wildoats, Chrissie Dyson and Aisha Luka.

In addition listened to Venerable Alex Berzin, Venerable Peter McMahon, Venerable Adrian Feldmann, and Venerable Rodger Mier, Geshe Doga, Venerable Choedak Yuthok in Hervey Bay and attended three public discourses given by His Holiness Dalai Lama.
I formally took teachings from Venerable Yeshe Khadro, Geshe Thinley (brother of late Lama Yeshe), Geshe Ngawang Dhargye, Geshe Sopa and Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche.

Receiving an invitation from Chris Burdett, with Lama's consent, in company I later traveled to Taree in NSW to assist the development of a Dharma community in that area. 


Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche later appointed the writer Director, and named the temple built on a 142-acre property at Killabakh, Gyalwa Ensapa.
Gyalwa Ensapa being one of the names of the third Panchen Lama.
By karma then everything turned custard. The temple was build with the aid of collaborate partner Merelyn Saunders, and Tony Windsor, an arrangement that lead to an ongoing legal nightmare.

With sincere gratitude, but not limited to, or necessarily in present tense, among others, I acknowledge receiving support or exceptional assistance, and or friendship from. Carol Phuntsok, Joanne Moulds, Peter and Julie Williams, Geoffrey & Kay Griffin, Geoff and Dianne Chambers, Bob & Narrele Wheeler, Steve Chadwick, Helen Clark, Bob & Julie Merrison, Chrissie Dyson, Max Simmons Vietnam Veterans Counseling Service, Mark Cresswell Psychological Services, Elizabeth Knight (Padma Dharma centre director), Stewart & Margaret Rook, Cranston Wells and my Mum, to each and every one, I sincerely express my gratitude and thank you.

In 1989, His Holiness Dalai Lama lit a flame while sharing views in the Adelaide Cathedral. HHDL then gave the flame to the Bishop, who in-turn handed it to yours truly. By jolly gosh that got heavy...
For a number of years I have continually found myself shuffling legal paper. I have appealed in full courts, and constructed four UN documents (invitation from HHDL), also made legal history here in Australia in lawfully filing documents with the concurrence both Houses of Parliament with the Governor General.
In addition, over the same period, I continued exchanging correspondence in a conflict with the New Zealand army.

My other interests or activities include, sailing, I have a no-name computer: 98se, AMD 900 Duron(tm) Processor, Office premium 2000, x2-40gig HD, CD-RW, DVD-RW, 384 RAM, Canon bij2300 printer and N676U scanner and now also a new Toshiba A200 laptop.
Interested in International affairs, growing exotic subtropical fruit (sadly thus far I've not been in place long enough to taste many of the fruits of my labors) Continue an interest in Australian politics, and though difficult, also have continued an interest in the Brown Swiss dairy cattle breed.



e-mail: robplum(at)

ICQ # 72131578

PO Box 1533
Buddina, Qld 4575

Having quite a mobile lifestyle 

Microsoft err... wouldn’t support my old Office 2000 Premium Outlook program as the contacts address book file format is not supported by Vista. To resolve that issue I purchased Outlook 2007 to get around that.
Most other Office 2000 features work ok, though I've not been able to configure Word email link to connect with Outlook 2007. The Office 2000 programs that are installed I've patched with SP1, SP2 and SP3 and work fine. More recently I found Windows Update offered SP1 and SP2 for Vista and that conflicted with my Office programs so have ceased using Windows Update.

Thank you Bill Gates I’ll manage my non-profit activities myself thanks. 

The first Office suit I purchased came on 32 floppy disks, the legal terms and conditions said I owned the program. However in beach of the purchase agreement Microsoft wouldn't correct all the flaws in that version and came out with the Office 97 program, then Office 2000. The terms and conditions claimed if you opened the plastic rap, you couldn't return the program to point of purchase, and the first page that loaded said Gates thought he still owned what was of course mine.

The anti-virus protection I use is the excellent SpyBot. The program runs well even on 64 bit. 

I very much like my Toshiba Laptop have purchased True Image Home program. Which does a really good job of file backup and creating and copying images onto the external drive.

My older Microsoft Office 2000 Premium suit is all I wanted or needed.
Pretty impressive program Revo shifted what all else failed to shift, in one hit Revo also deleted thousands of Office 2007 Registry entrees and a heap of unused files, clipart etc… did a fairly good job; though it did mess up the installed Outlook 2007 a little bit, I reinstall that ok and easily sorted it without lose of any data.





Links to useful free software programs.



Good Accounting Software Link




Exchange program that converts between major currencies.
WordWeb spelling program will work with most windows programs. When you click on the icon in the system tray, or press the keyboard shortcut the program copies the highlighted word to the clipboard and then pastes it into WordWeb.
Belarc Advisor shows you where software is installed, windows updates and other program information.
ReadPlease This amazing text-to-speech program is an easy-to-use application that reads aloud any text from your computer.
RegSeeker will scan your registry, find invalid entries, unused extensions, missing files, bad references and much more.
Having an older upgraded computer, I found RegSeeker really worthwhile. The program without causing any problem safely removed well over 2000 entries from computers registry.
CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) is a freeware system optimization tool. That removes unused and temporary files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster.
RoboForm fills forms, manages passwords and performs many other useful tasks. The program installs in you IE browser and jumps up to offer to save or fill your logins etc.
Xenu checks on and offline webpage links.
Comprehensive Free program for sorting HTML
Fax Machine shareware link:
Revo a free for personal use un-installer program I found really worth trying, everything else failed, so I tried this one...
Auslogics Free Disk Defrag program



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